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Please use the address displayed below for all correspondence:


Depending on the nature of your inquiry, please note that the reply might not specifically use an NPLAS e-mail. Your inquiry may be forwarded; authors and advisory board members generally reply from the e-mail they commonly use.

Lodge Owners/Concessioners

All matters requiring contact

To submit new/replacement photos and/or news releases, please use this address:


This e-mail is checked by NPLAS authors; if you have new information regarding a property or wish to address an existing review, this is the best e-mail address to use. Please note that does not accept advertising or comps of any kind.

Advisory Board Members

Address Requests

Advisory Board Members wishing to use "name" e-mail addresses are asked to contact the administrator via the


and indicate "address request" as the subject of the e-mail. Unless you request a specific e-mail, you will be assigned first initial and surname. Password will be assigned.

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Advisory Board Membership

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Voting members of the NPLAS Advisory Board provide commentary and input during the Classification process. Non-voting members contribute information, opinion, and scanned photos and images for the greater good of public access to history. Non-voting contributors are encouraged to simply use the general e-mail. Individuals wishing to be considered for a voting position on the Advisory Board are required to submit an application for membership. Right click the link, select "save as" and then fill in the form. Attach the saved form to an e-mail, using the general e-mail listed at left. The application form is a simple text file and will open in any word processor. Do not re-format the application.