Additional Photos

setting of many glacier hotel at swiftcurrent lake

Images of Many Glacier Hotel circa 1920; Library of Congress.

historic lake view of many glacier lodge
image of many glacier hotel in 1924

View of the hotel from 1924.

lobby interior 1930s

Lobby view from the 1930s. Note that the Oriental Lanterns have been replaced by mission style light fixtures. Most of the original armchairs are also gone; in this era the hotel was using folding "director" chairs that were in vogue. The skulls and furs still adorned the walls at this point; the spiral stair to the basement would remain until 1950.

veranda 1920s lobby interior circa 1915

Lobby view prior to the 1930s. This postcard view shows the lobby as intended, the center of evening activities and animated conversation. Although it looks much different today, the lobby is still a lively place.

Easily the most in-depth and enjoyable text on the the great lodges of Glacier National Park is Glacier's Historic Hotels And Chalets: View With A Room by Ray Djuff and Chris Morrison. It provides a rich background on how the Great Northern Railway developed its lodges and chalets, as well as the full story on John Lewis and the Lake McDonald Lodge. The text is supported with a number of rare vintage photos, and is really a must-read for parkitecture enthusiasts or anyone who enjoys the history of man's relationship to Glacier National Park. If you'd like to find out more, click here for a link to, where you can sometimes find a used copy of the book at a terrific price. Either way, it's an excellent read.

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