current image of the Cabins at Mazama Village

photo courtesy Xanterra

Mazama Village Crater Lake NP
Not classified
Mazama Village
Theme: Modern cabin
Structure: 10 4-unit clustered cabins, wood sided & shingled roofs, modern.
Known Timeline:
Originally called Mazama Village Motor Inn
Current room count: 40


Mazama Village "cabins" or motor inn is an adjunct to the substantial campground located seven miles from the rim at Crater Lake. Furnishings and decor are modest, and there are no common areas to speak of. Enthusiasts of parkitecture will find that there is no "there" at Mazama Village, other than a standard-order national park eatery/giftshop structure.

The "cabins" are internally and externally unexciting, and not for spending a large amount of time in. It's a quiet base that has you just a stone's throw from a host of activities. The Annie's Canyon trail is close by. This is located within a National Park, and so even without the social buzz of a grand lobby, there are opportunities to socialize around the Mazama Village complex.

Periodically you might find online reviews complaining of a broken doorknob, torn screen, etc. Considering the volume of people who use this facility -- with occupancy rates generally close to 100% -- some minor maintenance needs are to be expected. Generally speaking, this is a well-run, bare-bones place to stay. If anything needs improvement, it is quantity rather than quality.

interior at Mazama Village

above, rooms at Mazama Village are simple, but very clean and well maintained. Photo courtesy of Xanterra Corp.


The Cabins at Mazama Village, also known as the Mazama Village Motor Inn, is a motel/cabin unit experience seven miles from Crater Lake's south rim. It is a terrific value for the location. Room accessibility, cleanliness & quality are excellent. It is not classified by NPLAS because it has virtually no historic value, and the overall structures do not provide a significant National Park Lodge experience.

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