Additional Photos

Giant Forest Village

Warehouse/workshop and offices located behind the Giant Forest Market. Photos on this page are Gilbert Stanley Underwood's original designs, all removed during restoration of GFV. NPS photos/public domain

Giant Forest cafeteria

The Giant Forest Lodge Cafeteria, circa 1980

Giant Forest curio shop

The Giant Forest Curio Shop, closed for the season in this 1980 photo.

Giant Forest cabins

A group of the original cabins. Continuity of styling is particularly noticeable on the door.

Giant Forest congestion

Congestion during the 1950s. NPS photo/public domain.

the original development at giant forest

An early incarnation of Giant Forest Village. NPS photo/public domain.

motel at giant forest

1960s era motel at Camp Kaweah; located on the hill across from the Market. This area is part of a parking lot today.

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