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dining room Crater Lake Lodge

Crater Lake Lodge dining room today. photo courtesy Xanterra

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Crater Lake Lodge 1940s

above, Crater Lake Lodge photo probably from the late 1940s

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Crater Lake Lodge aerial

above, Crater Lake Lodge aerial photo courtesy of Xanterra Corp.

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Plastic Plants

Random foliage

Oregon of the early 1970s was a haven for free-thinkers, hippies, students, and drop-outs. The California scene was over; the northwest was in vogue and the counter-culture scene was just peaking in Oregon. The Lodge concessions relied on students and other part timers to staff the place, and the students brought their free-thinking ways to the caldera. In other words, a phenomenal amount of marijuana made its way to Crater Lake NP. Young workers adopted the weed as a sort of symbol for the scene at the lodge. By 1972 a plethora of plastic pot leaves were planted around the lodge; some sources claim that lodge workers even sold the plastic plants to guests and visitors. Plastic marijuana lined walkways and hiking trails until the NPS removed them and threatened serious reprisals.

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