Additional El Tovar Photos & Errata

Vintage Images

El Tovar 1900s

promotional image used by the Harvey Company 1905-1920s

El Tovar 1911

Harvey Company image of a Rim Road carriage ride departing the El Tovar in 1911. This image was used in many formats.

El Tovar north wing

Early image of the North Wing.

view from the hopi house

Another colorized image used extensively in the early 20th Century, this one from the Hopi House.

El Tovar 1930s

The 1935 image above shows a large water storage tank at the approximate site of today's Kachina Lodge.

El Tovar 1950s

circa 1956

El Tovar 1960s

circa 1965

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Glimpses of the Past

Random foliage

When the El Tovar was originally constructed, the floorplan included a number of special purpose rooms, including a music room, wine room, breakfast room, art room, sun room, and others. Some, such as the music room, were eliminated during past renovations. A few remain in their original configuration, however, usage has changed with the times.

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